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Aim Your Body

How to Aim Your Body on Any Shot

Your eyes can trick you when you step into a shot out on the course. If you’re like a lot of higher handicappers, your tendency when you take your stance is to angle your body subtly toward that target-not parallel to the target line, like you should. That puts you in a closed position, which you have to compensate for during the swing.

To get yourself aimed correctly, pick a secondary target – a spot in the grass or any other landmark – just to the let of your actual target, and point your club at it as you walk up to the ball (right). Step in with your right foot first, setting your foot perpendicular to where you’re pointing the club. Then turn your body, set your left foot, and adjust your stance width. You’ll be set up so the clubface is aimed down the target line, and your body is parallel – left of it.

The pictures below (taken of Ricardo Ronderos in Miami) demonstrate these steps:

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I might be in miami for a few months and will definitely take a class with you. My golfing skills are not that great yet but i have heard really good things about you from my friends. I have a friend who lives in Aventura and he takes classes with you all the time. Is Miami Shores too far from Aventura? Do you teach golf anywhere else in Miami?

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