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Kids’ Golf Summer Camp at Miami Shores Country Club

At Miami Shores Country Club we have a golf summer camp program for kids. The weather here in Miami is great during the summer and lends itself to fun days of golf training for kids. The group of kids we have enrolled in our program range from kids that have never played golf to kids that participate in state and national tournaments. We not only train and teach kids, we show them how to develop a love for the game of golf. It is a great place to keep kids active, meet new friends, have lot’s of fun, and learn the game. Enrolling kids in our summer programs is extremely beneficial to their golfing styles and techniques because they can learn the game from professionals at an early age and develop into great
players in the future. Learning how to hold a club correctly among other things is something that must be taught correctly from the start – it is better to learn the right techniques from the start rather than fix mistakes when they are older. We develop the kids’ muscle memory at an early age by teaching them golf correctly as well as practicing all the techniques daily. Below are some pictures of our ongoing program – if you are interested in enrolling your boy or girl into our program, make sure to contact us as soon as you can so that your kid may get the most practice and fun before the new school year starts again.

Golf summer camp

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