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Golf Etiquite

Proper Golf Etiquette

At Rico Golfing, we often instill a competitive edge when training the young kids who participate in our Miami golf workshops. However, it is very important to also teach the concept of sportsmanship. Golf is an elegant game, meaning players always handle themselves with dignity and grace on and off the green.

Some key points to remember (ones that will always be taught during a Top Miami golf workshop) of proper Golf Etiquette:

  • Respect – always let you opponent(s) take a shot in silence. Quiet on the green.
  • Safety – always ensure that you are out of range from being hit by a club, ball or rocks/stones from the ground and allow your opponent time to clear the range until you play.
  • Pace – Play at a good pace and keep up to the guidelines established at the beginning of the game.
  • Take Care – Smooth over holes and footprints at bunkers and remove divots when taking practice swings.
  • Be Ready – As soon as it is a player’s turn, they should always be ready.
  • Consideration – Take care not to make any loud noises or cause a disturbance or distraction when another player is playing

Follow these basic rules and practice them as you participate in your Miami golf workshop and you are sure to contribute and experience a pleasant game for everyone.



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