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Do You Need Golf Lessons

Golfing 101: Do you need lessons? We get this question a lot. And our answer is always that “Golf is a craft, not a game and like any craft, the only way to make it stronger and excel is to practice and improve upon your technique.” Anyone can learn how to golf, but the skills…


1. Wide stance (more than shoulder width) 2. Ball position (left heal) 3. Hands (even or behind ball) 4. Tilt your spine angle towards right side 5. Weight 60-40% on right side 6. Wide and low take away


1. Comfortable and Relax. 2. Stance slightly smaller than shoulder with apart. 3. Eyes over target line. 4. Ball forward (under left eye for right handers). 5. Weight favoring left side (60-40%) 6. Shoulders motion, not hands or body motion. 7. Length of back swing should be smaller than follow through.

Proper Golf Etiquette

One of the most important lessons to learn at your Miami Golf Workshop is proper golf etiquette. Follow these basic rules and practice them as you participate in your Miami golf workshop and you are sure to contribute and experience a pleasant game for everyone.

Golf 101: Perfect Your Swing

Golf 101: Read on for tips on perfecting your tempo and rhythm.

Kids’ Golf Summer Camp at Miami Shores Country Club

At Miami Shores Country Club we have a golf summer camp program for kids. The weather here in Miami is great during the summer and lends itself to fun days of golf training for kids. The group of kids we have enrolled in our program range from kids that have never played golf to kids

Slice Drills

Hello golfers! I am expanding a bit on my last post in order to provide you with a few more tips about your slice. If you haven’t already read my last post, find it by clicking on the following link: Eliminate the Big Slice on your next golf game. Another way of curing your slice:…

Eliminate the big slice

Most of your slices happen when one of these two things occur: [icon_list] [icon_list_item style=”color: #1270C8;” type=”play-circle”] You keep the club face open at impact or you swing the club on a path that travels from outside the target line to inside it. ( in other words you cut across the ball, just as tennis players…

Never top it again

Top shots happen when ever you lose the spine angle that you have established at address and “stand up” (see the pictures) you get taller and the bottom half of the club makes contact with the top half of the the ball. Make sure you do this exercise keeping your backside against the object. Don’t…

How to Aim Your Body on Any Shot

Your eyes can trick you when you step into a shot out on the course. If you’re like a lot of higher handicappers, your tendency when you take your stance is to angle your body subtly toward that target-not parallel to the target line, like you should. That puts you in a closed position, which…

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