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About RicardoI started as a golfer at the early age of 4 years. I was introduced to the game by my father, an avid golfer, who was considered to be  one of the best amateurs in his native country of Colombia. Having come from a large family of players, six brothers, I was always in a permanent competition with all of them from a very young age and became a scratch player by the age of 15.

I have vast experience in teaching students ranging from beginners to tour players and experience in developing and running corporate outings.

I like to emphasize my teaching skills and hands on instruction with the use of a video camera and computer swing analysis. Based on my playing experience, I can help the student improve his or her game by teaching and focusing on the core ingredients to a great game which are having good rythm and balance.

I find it challenging to work with golfers of all abilities from the novice to the tour player. I think that my experience and my skill in playing and competing locally. internationally. and on many different levels make my ability to see a player objectively and from many different angles which makes it easier to instruct the student and therefore makes the student progress faster towards his or her goals.

Whenever possible, I continue to attend PGA teaching seminars and I find time to work with other instructors and players to better my teaching abilities and to keep up with current trends, exercises and drills.

Based on my years of experience, I can help the student improve… by teaching and focusing on the core ingredients… good rhythm and balance.

Ricardo has been around the game of golf for over 50 years. You would be hard pressed to find a golf pro with as many years experience as Ricardo. His years of professional experience as well as his many years of teaching give Ricardo a unique ability to communicate the fundamentals of golfing to a wide range of player levels. He is equally capable of advising a fellow professional as he is at nurturing a young beginner. No matter what your level of experience or what aspect of your game you are trying to improve Ricardo has valuable advice to give.


2006 – Present: Ricardo has been the director of instruction at the Miami Shores Country Club Golf Learning Center for over 5 years
2006 Named Apprentice of the Year by the South Florida PGA
1995– 2000 Competed for 10 years winning numerous mini tour events in Colombia and South America: won 2 local opens
1985 – 1995 Competed in numerous mini PGA tour sponsored events
1985 Began career as Professional Golf Instructor in California
1981 – 1985 Competed in 20 international events
1981 Represented Colombia in the 1981 World Championship
1976 Colombian National Champion
1975 Colombian National Champion

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